What to Wear

    Knowing what to wear can be daunting. It’s a good idea to start early in case you want to purchase new clothes, or shoes!

    Good to know

    • NO LOGOS
    • No “matching” outfits {ex: white shirt / blue jeans for everyone – this will get passersby confused: is it the 80s all over again? }
    • Avoid single tone palettes (everyone in orange and red; or blue and green)


    • Choose solid colors first
    • Then add patterns, stripes and dots and POPS of color
    • Scarfs, hats, beads, bracelets, rings, necklaces… oh my!
    • LAYERING (jackets, open sweaters, vests…)
    • Makeup/manicure/pedicure/haircut highly recommended

    Help! Where do I start?

    • START with one parent – What does he/she want to wear? What strikes their fancy?
    • Everyone else will wear colors that complement that ONE parent’s choice
    • Wear comfortable clothes (no ties or tight dresses, itchy sweaters or headbands that leave marks)
    • Comfortable clothes help people to relax at all ages…

    For more inspiration visit my pinterest board “What to wear” HERE and I am always available to answer your questions by email.

    A few examples you’ll find on this pinterest board…

    Adult 1 wears blue jeans and a light blue shirt (solid colors) with a yellow jacket (pop of color) – Children and other parents wear: blue as well with pops of color such as yellow, purple/mauve/pink.
    Adult 1 wears black pants, a dark green buttoned shirt and a light green scarf – Children and other parents wear: dark blue and black with pops of color such as greens, oranges and reds.
    Adult 1 wears jeans, an orange blouse, and a blue scarf – Children and other parents wear: dark blue, black, and pops of color such as orange, blue, and light brown