What to Wear

    Knowing what to wear can be daunting.

    It’s a good idea to start early in case you want to purchase new clothes, or shoes!



    1. Choose solid colors first

    2. Then add patterns, stripes and dots and POPS of color here and there

    3. Scarfs, hats, beads, bracelets, rings, necklaces… oh yes!

    4. LAYERING (jackets, open sweaters, vests…) – it’s the Bay Area…

    5. Makeup / mani-pedi / haircut highly recommended

    Good to know

    My style of photography is about complementary colors… this means

    NO “matching” outfits

    {ex: white shirt / blue jeans for everyone – this will get passersby confused: is it the 80s all over again? }

    NO single tone palettes

    (everyone in orange and red; all the kids in blue and green)

    NO neon colors or logos

    Help! Where do I start?

    • START with one parent – What does he/she want to wear? What strikes their fancy?

    eg: A beautiful scarf, a cool pair of shoes, a jacket you can’t wait to wear… start there!

    • Everyone else will wear colors that complement that ONE parent’s choice

    eg: your favorite scarf has streaks of red and dark blue?? – have a child wear a red sweater, and the other dark blue pants

    • Siblings: avoid matchy-matchy clothes between siblings – Choose a similar color palette across all siblings

    eg: everyone in mellow colors or darker toned colors


    • Wear comfortable clothes (no ties or tight dresses, itchy sweaters or headbands that leave marks)

    Let’s keep the kids happy and not eager to rip their clothes off…

    • No white with kids!

    Self explanatory 🙂

    • If you’re worried you or the kids will get their clothes dirty, DO NOT have them wear it – we will be playing and racing after each other!!

    For more inspiration visit my pinterest board “What to wear” HERE and I am always available to answer your questions by email.

    A few examples you’ll find on this pinterest board…

    Adult 1 wears blue jeans and a light blue shirt (solid colors) with a yellow jacket (pop of color) – Children and other parents wear: blue as well with pops of color such as yellow, purple/mauve/pink.
    Adult 1 wears black pants, a dark green buttoned shirt and a light green scarf – Children and other parents wear: dark blue and black with pops of color such as greens, oranges and reds.
    Adult 1 wears jeans, an orange blouse, and a blue scarf – Children and other parents wear: dark blue, black, and pops of color such as orange, blue, and light brown