What to expect

    A family photoshoot is an EXPERIENCE...

    … an experience where you get to enjoy your family in a whole new way. Most families see a photoshoot as something to “get through”, because they can’t imagine their children cooperating.

    I want you to start thinking about Photoshoot day in an entirely different light.

    I’m a bit silly, a whole lot of fun, and the point is for your to join along. Why? Because what you will see in the final images is the energy you bring, and it’s my job to create the best possible environment for you to express yourself, and to capture how unique and fabulous your family is.

    At the end of the day, don’t be surprised when your children ask: “Is Nicole going to play with us tomorrow?”.

    All this to say… be prepared for me to make you laugh, and make a fool of myself. Trust me to capture your beautiful, tender souls, because you are MUCH MORE than faces in a frame.

    To me, any way.

    With a session fee of $325 and collections starting at $750, you’ll find that my work is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive in the area, and will be well worth your money and your time. The session fee covers my time, creative talent, guidance, skills with children and so much more. I treat each client with care and invest about a dozen hours of my time to ensure you have the best experience possible.