So you want a lifestyle session?

    A lifestyle session is for you if…

    You want your photographer to capture the perfectly imperfect moments that make your family unique.

    You don’t like the word “posed” because it brings up images of cheesy smiles, awkward positions, stiff shoulders, expressionless eyes staring into the camera.

    (are you cringing at this description? I am)

    If you are thinking right now: I want my photographer to capture LIFE, as it is and in all its beauty. Yes, I can get my family excited about that. I can prepare for that kind of session.

    You do see the beauty in a posed portrait – it can make you smile, cry or stop in your tracks. Yes, a school portrait can speak to your soul and capture a story.

    But does a posed portrait really capture ALL that your family is?

    Over the years I have learned that my clients want authentic, love-soaked images of their family – not the stiff cringey smiles.

    So maybe, just maybe you are my kinda family if…

    You are fun, energetic & you don’t mind my poopy pants jokes…

    You want images of the hugging, and squeezing and the giggles & NO fake smiles

    You love the idea of getting “dressed up” with pops of color!

    You come with FUN in mind, not “Let’s get it done” 

    You embrace the beautiful chaos of your family & trust me to celebrate it all with you

    If this is your family I can’t wait to meet you.


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    Nicole Seguin Photography
    October 26, 2021