Send an album home

    The missing link: a Photo Album

    You live abroad…

    A French family, on a beach in California. They live abroad, they love both countries, and they’ve made their choice to stay. This is my life too, and it’s probably yours, to some extent.

    Now have a look at the images below, and imagine this is a photo album you send to your family…

    When you live abroad, or even one state away from your family, you hear:

    “But I want to see you! You live so far!”

    And the guilt sets in, and you question your decision, you imagine a life where you can live abroad yet go home on one of those lightening speed flights that haven’t – alas – been invented yet (How hard can it be to do this?).

    And this is what you do: you take pictures, lots of pictures. You set up a facebook page, you use Google Photos, and you get comments, and 24 likes. But you get sloppy, and it feels like you’re just throwing them at your family:

    “Here, have a look at this guy eating a cookie! LOL”

    – or you agonize over not sending enough pictures, not having sent them at all, wondering when technology will kick in and make things easier, faster, more REAL. Skype, Facetime, great! But the kids don’t stay 5 minutes in front of the screen when they can’t actually PLAY with it. Am I right?

    A photo album is so much more than a book filled with pictures, it is tangible, it is full of laughter and connection, it vibrates with love and life, energy and fragments of you.

    Here is where it gets even sweeter…

    I want to take care of creating your album AND sending it to your family. I know how hard it is just to get the kids out the door in the morning…

    YOU take care of looking awesome and having fun during the session 🙂


    Nicole Seguin Photography
    June 15, 2017