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    Dear Nopa Montessori Preschool families,

    This is where you will find all the information you need (FAQ bottom of the page!). Every year, when you open this page, you will see your kiddos' new pictures featured.

    I cannot WAIT to come in to capture smiles, silly grins, and personality!

    For questions and feedback, send an email to Nicole at:

    Meet me on the other side...

    For VIP access to the Family Booking Calendar, first dibs on Fine Art Portrait Minis (only 2 per year!), and sweet deals ...that only YOU will know about.

    School Photography, but with a twist

    I am thrilled to be have been chosen by NOPA Montessori Preschool to be your School Photographer this year!

    I cannot wait to meet your kiddos… and have a good laugh at how silly and fun life is!


    When is Photo Day ?

    Save the date! Thursday, April 25

    (FAQ bottom of the page)

    Who is behind Nicole Seguin Photography?

    Hi! I’m Nicole! I am a Family Photographer at heart AND I absolutely love coming into preschools to take portraits of children. Let me tell you why…

    When big photo companies would come to my son’s school and say “cheese”, he either frowned, or gave his best fake smile. And every time I saw those pictures I cringed and thought “Wow, this is NOT my child, show me the child who has 10 different facial expressions a minute. The child who lives, moves and laughs.”

    School Portraits don’t have to equate to fake backdrops, cheesy smiles or awkward posing…

    I wanted to create a different experience for children and for parents. I wanted to create portraits that lived and breathed. Portraits of your child’s personality.

    I am a small business owner, and strive to offer quality products and service. Clear, direct communication is my jam. Send questions and comments here:

    FAQ highlight


    Should I tell my kid to behave, to wear this scratchy dress and give their biggest smile to the “nice” photographer?

    NO! Please, NO!! They will hate me, even before setting eyes on me! I AM nice, and they WILL have loads of fun. I won’t ask them to smile, I will make them laugh. Trust me.

    Please tell them that Nicole is a photographer who will be taking pictures today, and that she is super fun and hands out special stickers 😉

    FAQ - What to wear and more!

    Are siblings invited? 

    Yes! All siblings that are currently enrolled at the school will have their picture taken individually and together on picture day. 

    What if my child doesn’t attend school on Photo day?

    You may come in exceptionally to have their photo taken at the beginning of Photo Day. Just email me at to let me know.

    If you can’t make it on Photo Day for any reason (your child is sick, or you are on vacation), I do offer 2 Pop-up Portrait Sessions a year. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop!

    Can parents jump in for a quick photo?

    I am a family photographer, I would LOVE to photograph your family!! However, on School Portrait day, I cannot accommodate parents. No exceptions, thank you!

    Why aren’t there the same number of images and variety of poses in each school portrait gallery?

    Depending on the time of day, personality and mood of the moment, some kids will offer a variety of expressions where others will be more reserved. 

    I strive to capture the personality of your unique child… which also means that I steer clear from cheesy smiles.

    What should my children wear, any tips?

    YES, have a look at my page What should my child wear on Photo Day?

    You will want to avoid logos, black and neon colors. Accessories are a must and so much fun if they help your child’s personality shine!

    What if my child had a runny nose? A scrape, or a rash?

    I keep a bag of unscented wipes near me during the photo session. If there are any scrapes or cuts on their face, you may choose to have one or several images retouched (option in your gallery under DIGITALS).

    I don’t want you to use my child’s portrait on social media 

    Without your consent, your child will not be featured on any social media. I take this very seriously. 

    Can we take screenshots though? 

    No, you may not. This is important for me as an artist and small business owner. Please, be kind. There is a watermark on each image that will disappear once you have purchased your digital image. 

    I have more questions, how can I contact you?

    By email at