Newborn session – At home (Bay Area)

    Newborn sessions… I take my sweet time, hold your baby while you get ready, take pictures while you hold the baby. YES we’ll take time to put your baby to sleep, but we will also take time to capture those in-betweens moments where he waves his arms and opens an eye. We will wrap her up, and she will wiggle her arms free. We will do it again and again, and don’t worry that’s part of the whole process! The room will be warm, feel free to hum, to move, to sway and to sing (these parents blew me away with their angel-chiming-like voices – wish I could have recorded this…).

    Newborns, they move differently – they don’t have control over the heads, or their arms yet – they squirm and make funny faces. I get a kick out of that (have a look at this baby waking up at the bottom of this post!). Their world is all about instinct, they are so IN TUNE with their surroundings it is absolutely mind blowing. I swear left down and right to parents that they know I’m there even though they can’t see me or hear me when I come in. They can sense a shift in their surroundings, the small adjustments that are being made to accommodate me. Newborns are like that, they SEE you without their eyes. They are A-mazing.

    So if you’re still here and don’t think I’m bat crazy … here is what I want to say:

    When someone hires me to do a newborn session my heart skips a beat. I look forward to it and prepare for it like a marathon. I sleep well, eat well, and bring lots of water. I know how much work it is to just stay alive those first few weeks, and I continue to have so much admiration for new parents. Especially those who are far from family. You know that’s something I can relate to!

    I have been more and more honest in my posts, so here I am telling exactly how I think it is. I don’t believe newborns are endearing or cute the way babies are in the 3rd month. Newborns are more than that, they are strong, and flexible, and powerful. They are vulnerable but not weak. They are small but wise beyond their years. Let’s honor all of that.

    newborn session at home

    newborn session at home

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