Fine Art Child Portraits

    Portraits that capture PERSONALITY & REAL SMILES

    Sunday, March 24


    “I am so impressed with how you were able to capture my kids in such a moment!” Trish

    You are in in the right place if you want your kid to have fun and get amazing results to frame!


    “Amazing photos! You capture such a mood… ” Tara

    These mini portrait sessions will be in the style of my fine art School Portraits and are a perfect way to get an updated portrait or two of your kiddos.

    What?  A 5-minute child portrait in front of a black backdrop. We guarantee a Photo Gallery of 5 images in color AND black & white.

    How Much? $60 Sitting fee, non-refundable. Digitals and additional prints NOT included. Prices start at $16 for prints and products – $50 per digital image.

    For who? Children who are 12 months old and up 🙂

    I’m on your waiting list. What next? If you are already on the waiting list, I will be sending the BOOKING LINK with a date in a few weeks… stay tuned and check your emails (or spam – filters can be merciless)

    Where and when? Coming soon! The next Pop-up is in March at JUST FOR FUN in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

    Please note that this is NOT a family session. For family sessions and private child portrait sessions, please enquire at




    I’m the photographer who never asks your child to smile. EVER.

    I believe your child shouldn’t be in front of my lens to pretend to be happy… and 90% of my work is tapping into their natural curiosity and playfulness to capture authentic expressions and personality.



    A Fine Art Mini Session is for you & your children if :


    • You want a true, authentic picture of your children
    • You don’t want the additional backdrop, the crazy props, or fanciful poses… your child should be the highlight
    • You care just as much about beautiful results as your kids enjoying the portrait session
    • You don’t want your child to be forced to smile, because you have a MILLION pictures already of that fake smile 😉


    During these Fine Art Mini Sessions, you get to be present. And you get to just BE – for a moment – a delighted spectator. 

    If this speaks to your heart, I am thrilled … have you joined THE waiting list to be the first to know when BOOKINGS open up?

    FAQ - What to wear and more...

    Should I tell my kid to behave, to wear a cute but scratchy dress and give their biggest smile to the “nice” photographer?

    NO! Please, NO!!! They will hate me, even before setting eyes on me! I AM nice, and they WILL have loads of fun. I won’t ask them to smile, I will make them laugh. Trust me.

    Please tell them that Nicole is a photographer who will be taking pictures today, and that she is super fun and hands out special stickers 😉

    Can I help you make my kiddo smile and behave?

    Nope 🙂 Your child will mirror you. So the best approach is to look at me, laugh, be calm, enjoy, and they will too. I take care of the rest.

    What should my children wear? Any tips?

    OF COURSE, have a look at my page What should my child wear on Photo Day?

    You can’t go back in time, so choose an outfit you love! You will want to avoid logos, black and neon colors. Accessories are a MUST and so much fun if they help your child’s personality shine!

    Do you photograph siblings? 

    Yes! Siblings will have their picture taken individually and together. Book ONE spot per child. Follow the guidelines (see What to Wear link above) for sibling outfits.

    What if I change my mind or I forget to come?

    Your session fee is non-refundable. Please make sure you are indeed available on the day and time you choose!

    What if my child has a runny nose? A scrape, a bruise or a rash?

    I keep a bag of unscented wipes near me during the session. If there are any minor scrapes or cuts on their face, I will edit these out. For heavier editing, you may choose to have one or several images retouched (reach out to me by email).

    I don’t want you to use my child’s portrait on social media 

    Without your consent, your child will NOT be featured on any social media. I take this very seriously. But I would love to feature your child – and let you know! – if you give me consent 🙂

    Can I bring my newborn? Can parents jump in for a quick photo?

    These mini sessions are tailored to children ages 12 months and older. Due to the fast-paced nature of these mini sessions, we cannot accommodate children under 12 months or adults.

    Family Sessions are much more accommodating for all ages and configurations, you can BOOK a FAMILY SESSION HERE.

    How much do the digital images and products cost?

    Prices start at $16 for prints – $50 per digital image.

    I have more questions, how can I contact you?

    By email at


    “It’s amazing to see these different expressions captured like this-even though we have millions of photos of our son on our phones, we don’t have anything like these” Michelle

    “Thank you so much, Nicole! The images are beautiful! Their grandparents are going to be so happy when they see the prints!!” Leila

    “Amazing photos! You capture such a mood…” Tara

    “The prints came out beautifully – we can’t wait to frame them! Thanks again!” Emily

    “Thank you so much for these wonderful photos! You captured their smile and their spirit beautifully!” Cindy

    “Hi Nicole! I am SO in love with the pictures! I’m kicking myself for not bringing their baby brother up to join in the session. And I’m a proud mama having their faces up on the internet – so excited they’ll be featured!” Ashley

    “I am impressed with how you were able to capture Abby in such a moment. The photos capture his rebellious but cute attitude I observe often. Amazing work!” Nicky

    “Already sent framed photos to grandparents who loved their gift!” Vanee