Photo Day is coming soon!

    These pictures are forever pictures. You’ll want your kiddos to look good!

    And YES, this part can be fun!

    Tip #1

    The best approach is always to give kids the feeling that they chose their clothes.

    Put out 2, or 3 outfits that you like, and let them choose their favorite. Win-win!

    Tip #2

    Solid colors are best. Steer away from logos and fluorescent colors.

    And because all shots are shoulder up, don’t worry about pants or shoes…

    Tip #3

    Make sure your child’s clothing fits them well – not too baggy, scratchy or tight.

    Tip #4

    Accessories – necklaces, headbands, etc. can add a pop of color! Nicole is ALL for it!


    Haircuts? Recommended, always.

    Above you’ll find second hand stores I highly recommend. They offer affordable brand clothing, and a great sustainable way to shop!