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    Fine Art School Portraits

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    SPRING 2022!


    Why Fine Art School Portraits?

    Fine Art. Fine Art is visually appealing, it grabs your attention and tells you a story. I believe that school portraits can tell a story. My goal is to capture your child’s story in ONE image.

    don’t believe in cheesy smiles, awkward poses and complicated backgrounds that take away the focus from a child’s personality and natural curiosity.

    I create an experience that brings out the child’s personality, particular expressions and features – in under a few minutes. This is my bold, modern approach, and I want schools and parents to know that it’s possible! AND fun!

    I use a black backdrop. I rely on one simple window so that the children don’t feel overwhelmed and shy away from the camera. Big flashes and awkward poses don’t help to create ease and comfort … Plus, I have my own secret sauce to get children to be themselves, and the results are authentic, natural expressions parents will recognize and love.

    What school portrait services do you offer?

    Your time and peace of mind are important to me. That’s why I created a seamless online system that makes it easy for parents to enter their gallery of images and order quality products or digital images without having to click through pages and pages of options.  

    My prices are competitive and the school owes me nothing. All profit is made through sales.

    • I aim to take 2-5 images per child. Each image is edited in both color and black & white. 
    • Prints start at $12 / One digital image $40 – All $80
    • I offer boutique products such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving.
    • I communicate directly with parents and families if there are any questions concerning orders and products.

    What will the school need to do?

    Before Photo Day, the school sends a detailed PDF to the parents describing the ordering process and Photo Day preparation.

    A few weeks after Photo Day, I will deliver the prints at the school who takes care of the distribution.

    Additional school portrait services

    I take class photos.

    ALL high resolution digital images are provided to the school for use in yearbooks, social media, school advertising, IDs, to give just a few examples.

    Custom services will be provided on a per request basis.

    We would love to hire you. What can we do?

    If you are a school looking for a photographer, you can contact me at OR fill in the form below. Once we have established a connection I will send you more information. And we take it from there! 

    If you are a parent looking for a photographer for your school, you can either contact me in person (I will send you an email template to use), or talk directly to the director or the school secretary. Sharing this page with them is a great start!

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    “I highly recommend working with Nicole, she is organized, talented, respectful of the environment she works in, she is playful with the children.

    Her pictures are creative and fun. Parents love them.

    As a busy preschool owner, I am multitasking all the time. Nicole made the process of ” picture day” very simple from start to finish. She created template emails for me to send to parents. She sent reminders, and recommendations on what to wear. Don’t hesitate, she is the best!”

    Karine Leung, Color Me French Preschool, SF


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    "This is the first year I'm buying school portraits! We love them!" Sean

    "Thank you so much, Nicole! The images are beautiful! The grandparents are going to be so happy when they see the prints!!"  Leila

    “Thank you so much for these wonderful photos! You captured their smile and their spirit beautifully!” Cindy