Fine Art School Portraits

    Leskidz Preschool 2019

    WELCOME LesKidz parents! 
    The link to your Gallery is below, but first read the following information carefully
    • To access your gallery you will need to enter your email 
    • Once you are inside the gallery, find your child’s individual gallery by name. 
    • Order your PRINTS and/or DIGITAL FILES from inside the gallery. Please double check the images you select, and the details of your order before placing the order. All orders are final.
    • All PRINTS will be dropped off at Leskidz (date is TBD)
    • DIGITAL FILES are directly sent to your email inbox
    • All print orders are due on Sunday, March 24 at midnight

    BELOW: How to Video & FAQ



    Why is there a deadline? 

    I order all prints at once to keep costs low.

    Do you sell digitals as well?

    Yes, I sell digitals, and they are my parents’ number one choice. 

    Why aren’t there the same number of images and variety of poses in each gallery?

    Depending on the time of day, personality and mood of the moment, some kids will offer a variety of expressions where others will be more reserved.

    I strive to capture the personality of YOUR unique child… which also means that I stay clear from cheesy smiles.

    What if my child had a runny nose? A scrape, or a rash?

    I keep a bag of unscented wipes near me during the photo session. If there are any scrapes or cuts on their face, you may choose to have one or several images retouched (option in your gallery).

    I don’t want you to use my child’s portrait on social media 

    Without your consent, your child will not be featured on any social media. I take this very seriously. 

    I have more questions, how can I contact you?

    By email at OR the CONTACT at the top of the page.