Home Sessions: your home has personality!


    Blogging has always come to me naturally. I’m just kidding. But since I was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 San Francisco Photography Blogs on the web, gotta maintain my reputation!!

    Family photography is not just about capturing picture-perfect moments, but also about telling your family’s unique story.

    While a pristine, perfect home may seem like an ideal setting for a family photo session, embracing the colors, history, and personality of your home can add depth and storytelling potential to your images.

    A family home session should prioritize the authenticity and character of your home, rather than striving for a flawless setting. Why? Read on…

    Perfection is the enemy of authenticity…

    A pristine, perfect home may look visually appealing, but it may not always reflect the true essence of your family.

    Your home is a living space where your family lives, loves and creates memories. It’s not meant to be a staged set.

    Embracing the imperfections of your home, such as a stack of books, a toy left on the floor, or a wall with chipped paint, adds authenticity to your family photos. It captures the real moments of your family’s life and creates images that are genuine and true to who you are.

    Your home has personality!

    Your home is a canvas that reflects your family’s history and personality. The tableau your mother painted in the hallway, the gallery wall of family photos in the living room, or the unique artwork on the walls (Signed: Emerson 3 years old…) all have stories to tell.

    This all adds depth and meaning to your family photos, telling the story of your family’s journey and the love that fills your home.

    Comfort and Familiarity Enhance Genuine Connections:

    Your home is a place where your family feels comfortable, relaxed, and truly themselves. Having a family photo session in the familiar surroundings of your home allows your family to be at ease, resulting in genuine connections and emotions that shine through in your photos. It’s where you share laughter in the kitchen, bonding time on the couch, hugs on the bed, or play in the backyard.

    Embracing the colors, history, personality and beautiful imperfections of your home during a family photo session adds storytelling potential and authenticity to your images!

    Let’s capture the vibrant story of your family’s life, and authentic connections that make your family unique. Don’t be afraid to let your home shine during your next family photo session.

    As a professional photographer, I specialize in capturing authentic moments and emotions, and I’m skilled in working with window light in your home to create beautiful, storytelling images. I would love for you to be the next family on my blog!


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