Newborn Session: parents’ first steps at home!

    This session is so dear to me! One of my first documentary sessions of a French couple’s first day at home…

    I can’t get enough of the raw emotions here 🙂

    And you know what? I’m going to tell you something: the more awkward you are, the more authentic the photos are, and the more emotional you’ll get 2, 5, 10 years down the road when you see how far you’ve come along bringing up a human being and soul.

    When I came home, I was tired, distraught, and already crying my eyes out (The plug in the bath is broo-ooo-o-ken, why is everything working against meeee?). My husband and I just stared at our son all day in disbelief, it was amazing and weird, and not easy or obvious in any way.

    So, I understand.And would like to capture that over and over again. Please?

    Check out my favorite picture  HERE !


    So… what really happened?

    Tell us a little about why you decided to do a photo session?

    I had just given birth a few days before. We were all rested and it was the perfect time to capture her first days at home and also our first steps as parents.

    Where was your session held and why?

    My session was at home in Marseille, France, the best place ever for a newborn and her worried mamma.

    What was your biggest fear (or worry) before hiring Nicole? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

    I was at the time nervous, hormonal, scared that little Anna would wake up and cry and that I would not be able to calm her down in order to continue the photo shoot. Of course, Nicole knew exactly what she was doing and everything went smoothly. Little Anna did not open an eye, while Nicole was handling her with a lot of care and attention.

    What did you enjoy the most about the photo shoot experience?

    It was very interesting to see Nicole work with natural light. Watching her move my baby girl slowly was very reassuring. I will definitely renew the experience next time!

    What advice would you give other families?

    Let Nicole be your guide. Breathe, enjoy the moment, and she’ll do the rest.

    Nicole Seguin Photography
    March 27, 2017