San Francisco family session at the beach – In motion

    Stop motion video below!

    I recently took a leap into the unknown, and the result is far from perfect, but oh my… this is only the beginning!

    When you live far from family – whether they live in another country or in another state – these videos are a glimpse into who we are as parents, what our relationship is like with these “other” human beings we call our children 🙂

    Imagine… Grandma gets an e-mail. There’s a link. She clicks on the link. 5 minutes later, she calls you. She’s laughing, she’s crying, the video only lasted 3-4 minutes, but she watched it a dozen times already and she understands something different about you every time. She wanted more than a skype session, she just received a piece of your life, a lasting love letter from you to her. 

    What is a “stop motion” video? Press PLAY! Then have a look at the few stills…

    Nicole Seguin Photography
    August 28, 2016