The 5 pillars that make your brand images magnetic 

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    The 5 pillars that make your brand images magnetic 

    (and why you should get more than a headshot)

    You look professional and approachable in your headshot. Congratulations! But are you standing out, and are you pulling in the right audience?

    When a client contacts me for Personal Brand photography, the first question I ask is WHY?

    So simple. And yet… so many answers! You may be launching a new business, building a new website, or you are pivoting, trying something radically new, and preparing a big launch to spread the word. 

    Whatever your reason, I need to know your goals and intentions, and how you see your images attracting the right audience and ultimately serving your business goals.

    Some of you may know exactly what you want, many of you will likely say “I really *just* want to look professional and personable.”

    That’s a good start… You want to be taken seriously, and come across as trustworthy. You know that no matter how good you look in that selfie, it’s oh so obvious that you were not thinking of how to best serve your clients (and that the headshot from 15 years ago is no longer the face you are showing on consultation calls…). 

    By hiring a professional photographer, you are showing your face and setting yourself above the hobbyists.

    But here’s the thing… now, you are merely existing alongside every other business owner with a headshot. 

    There is a plethora of products and services out there, and thousands of people competing to sell. Your audience is spending hours and hours researching the best service and the best product out there, but the one thing that no one can compete with? 

    YOU. Your personality, what you stand for, your values, and your mission.

    Your audience is faced with a mountain of choices, so the natural inclination is to buy from someone they like.

    People buy from like-minded people.

    So how do you visually attract and retain an audience that wants to buy from you and work with you – and no one else? 

    Here are the 5 pillars that make your brand not only memorable but magnetic…

    1. Your face

    Your face is the most engaging part of your brand photos. Faces attract the eye more than any other element in a photo. Your viewers can’t help but look at your face and your eyes for clues on your personality, your story – and most of all they invite the audience to get curious about you.

    First impressions matter! The brain records a visual message 60 thousand times faster than a written message – that’s 1/10th of a second…

    If you look uncomfortable, or your smile looks stiff, you will automatically create a feeling of distrust no matter how good your product or your services are – or how amazing your hair looks 😉 

    On the other hand, if your expressions are authentic and true to you, you will create that magical connection.

    Make sure you choose a photographer you are comfortable with and whose personality you like. Your relationship with the photographer, working up to the photoshoot and during the photoshoot will have a big impact on the resulting images.


    2. Your outfit & colors

    Wearing big, colorful statement earrings says something about you, wearing small diamond studs also says something about you. Not wearing any earrings… says something about you.  

    What you tell your photographer in the intake questionnaire will guide their clothing advice. But you are, ultimately, the brand specialist of your business!

    Color speaks volumes. 

    Maybe you want your clients to be pumped up? A bright warm red evokes passion and energy. A blazer with a blouse means business, but add in a hot pink scarf and you’re saying “I’m professional but not boring!”. 

    A casual sweatshirt and leggings sends an entirely different message – add in bright yellow high heels and now you are a trailblazer 😉

    Because you are not a one-size-fits-all brand, I do not have a general What to Wear guide for my personal brand clients. Instead, we make choices based on what you tell me about your goals and intentions in the intake questionnaire and our video calls.

    If you are struggling with what colors to wear for your complexion, hiring a personal stylist might be the right choice for you (I highly recommend Carole at Neat & Kind, a wardrobe stylist & expert in repurposing your closet, and shopping with intention – she’s passionate about what she does and worked as a stylist on TV sets in France).


    3. Your environment 

    The location you choose, whether it’s lush greens in a forest setting, a landmark in the background, your home, or a public space like a museum, these locations say something about you and your interests. 

    Sometimes you won’t know what you like about a location, and when we dig deeper we find out that it’s perfectly on brand, or it reflects your personality. 

    A location gives your audience the clues they are searching to complete the story, and decide if they want to work with you, subscribe to your newsletter or buy from you.


    4. Doing what you love!

    Storytelling is such an important element in your branding! People will remember you because of the stories you tell. Don’t play it safe. Step out of your comfort zone. Share something about yourself in your images. Your ideal client wants you to make them feel something to relate to you and what you offer.

    You don’t have to share everything about your personal story. You have a choice! Sharing your love for hiking, opera signing or your latest challenges raising a toddler says something about your values, what you care about, and why you do what you do.

    Your brand images should be intentionally crafted to make it personal, without giving your audience full access to your personal life.

    As long as the story is on brand, and you are intentional, storytelling is an additional clue that will help your audience decide if they want to hop on a journey with you. 

    5. Angles, Lighting & Posing

    This is the part where you can entirely lean on your photographer. Angles, leading lines and points of view have a huge impact on the image you project to your audience. 

    A low camera angle will make you look powerful and strong. Is that the goal you are going for? If you want to invite communication, an angle at eye level is a great conversation starter. 

    Bright lighting will create a feeling of openness and expansiveness, more contrasted lighting conveys mystery and intrigue.

    You’ll want to communicate the ins and outs of your brand message to your photographer, so they can help you use body language intentionally. 

    So what do you think? Do these images stimulate your curiosity? Would you click to know MORE?

    Be prepared to let me in on the ins and outs of your brand: who you are speaking to, what values your ideal client resonates with and what makes them tick; what your bigger mission is, your values and even your hobbies! 


    Let’s make you, your brand and what you offer the obvious choice, with a portfolio of images that are intentional, strategic and irresistible!